2023- Stanisław Moniuszko: Requiem Aeternam​

Stanisław Moniuszko

I Litany of Ostra Brama 

Sub tuum praesidium for solo baritone and orchestra in orchestration by  Z. Noskowski

II Litany of Ostra Brama 

Ecce lignum crucis for baritone, choir and orchestra in an orchestration by Z. Noskowski

Funeral March by Antoni Orłowski

Requiem Aeternam. Cantata Religiosa in C sharp minor for 11 voices, choir and orchestra

III Litany of Ostra Brama 

Andrzej Szadejko decided to record three of the Litanies of Ostra Brama with the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble and the German Gellert Ensemble choir. Involving  historical instruments in the project turned out to be a very good idea. (…) Andrzej Szadejko, on the other hand, developed a special balance of sound between an orchestra with a much lighter sound and a delicate-sounding choir (…) .The voices of Ingrida Gápová, Marion Eckstein, Sebastian Mach and Maximilian Argmann are characterized by purity and delicacy, nicely combined with the sound of the choir.- Jacek Marczyński, Ruch Muzyczny

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his death, Andrzej Szadejko devoted himself to Moniuszko’s nearly forgotten sacred music and filled an astonishing gap in the repertoire with his orchestra, playing on original instruments from the 19th century. The orchestra’s precisely orchestrated parts also benefit greatly from high-resolution sound – a romantic feast for the ears with the potential for addiction!- Dabringhaus and Grimm