2020- Musica Baltica VIII. Johann Balthasar Christian Freislich

Johann Balthasar Christian Freislich

Kinder der Musen. Occasional Cantata for the “induction” of professors January 9, 1749 for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, PL-GD Ms. Jon. 37 FreisWV E 28

Eilet, ihr beglückten Schiffe, aus dem weiten Orient. Coffee Cantata for Bass Solo and Orchestra, PL-GD Ms. Joh. 11 FreisWV E 33

Auf, Danzig, lass in jauchzenden Chören. Jubelee Cantata on the 300th anniversary of the liberation from the rule of the Teutonic Order February 27, 1754 for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, PL-GD Ms. Joh. 15 FreisWV E 20

Two years younger than JS Bach, Johann Balthasar Christian Freislich was absolutely at the forefront musically. Far from the traditional musical centers of Europe, he created works that reconciled a very current galant style with a sensitive style with the rich taste of the probably rather conservative Danzig bourgeoisie. Andrzej Szadejko and his Goldberg Baroque Ensemble present three secular cantatas by Freislich; another gem in MDG’s attractive series on the rich Baltic musical heritag – Keith Bramich, Classical Music Daily